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I switched to TradeFluxion three weeks ago from a different trading service. My decision has proven to be correct so far. TradeFluxion is superior to the previous service I used. I spent over $4,000 on that service but did not receive the expected results. However, switching to TradeFluxion, which had a lower cost, increased my win rate by at least 40%. The profits I have made with TradeFluxion have already covered its cost and much more. I am very pleased with the performance, which has exceeded my expectations.
Danielle. C
The Recipient of the Best Trader Award from California, US
I’m a professional day trader (stocks, futures, and crypto) who typically trades the first two hours and last hour of the trading day. Before using Tradefluxion, I tried over 100 indicators and tools, most free and a few paid, but rarely found anything effective until Tradefluxion. It’s a buy/sell indicator and context analysis tools that display differently on charts. I bought it immediately and was impressed with the setup. The combination of signals and tools gave me a win rate as high as 80%. After two months, I’m confident the system works and recommend it to all traders. Thank you, Tradefluxion team, keep up the good work!
Doug. K
The Recipient of the Best Trader Award from Texas, US

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