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TradeFluxionTM provides real-time non-repaint buy/sell signals for a user-defined watchlist of any securities in stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and more. You can specify an unlimited number of securities in the TradeFluxion system, and it will track them and send you buy/sell signals in real-time. If you are unsure of which securities to specify, the built-in scanner can scan the market to find all securities that have recently generated an entry signal. The system is versatile and can be used for intraday, swing, and long-term trading. The signals are charted for a visual representation and can also be delivered via text message and email in real-time.

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I switched to TradeFluxion three weeks ago from a different trading service. My decision has proven to be correct so far. TradeFluxion is superior to the previous service I used. I spent over $4,000 on that service but did not receive the expected results. However, switching to TradeFluxion, which had a lower cost, increased my win rate by at least 40%. The profits I have made with TradeFluxion have already covered its cost and much more. I am very pleased with the performance, which has exceeded my expectations.
Danielle. C
The Recipient of the Best Trader Award from California, US
I’m a professional day trader (stocks, futures, and crypto) who typically trades the first two hours and last hour of the trading day. Before using Tradefluxion, I tried over 100 indicators and tools, most free and a few paid, but rarely found anything effective until Tradefluxion. It’s a buy/sell indicator and context analysis tools that display differently on charts. I bought it immediately and was impressed with the setup. The combination of signals and tools gave me a win rate as high as 80%. After two months, I’m confident the system works and recommend it to all traders. Thank you, Tradefluxion team, keep up the good work!
Doug. K
The Recipient of the Best Trader Award from Texas, US

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How to Trade with the TradeFluxion Buy & Sell Signals

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Live Demo - Day Trading NQ (Emini Nasdaq-100)

TSLA, +235% PROFITS in 10 Months (2023.1 ~ 2023.10)

AAPL, +73% PROFITS in 10 Months (2023.1 ~ 2023.10)

SPY, +13.4% PROFITS in 6 Weeks (2023.9 ~ 2023.11)

QQQ, +19% PROFITS in 10 Weeks (2023.9 ~ 2023.11)

ES, +14.6% PROFITS in 6 Weeks (2023.9 ~ 2023.11)